Our supplier decisions take into account our brands, our people, and the communities we serve. We are honored to partner with local and international suppliers who share our commitment to enhancing the experience for the customers we serve and the society in which we live and work. Our suppliers must provide fair working hours, a safe work site, and an environment free from discrimination.

1. Service Orientation

We continue to grow in all areas of our business, and we strive to be at the leading edge of new products and services. This requires suppliers not only have the ability to grow with us but also have the ability to meet fast-paced project and production schedules. We work closely with our suppliers to develop products and services, and we expect that the commitments made will be fulfilled by the supplier’s staff at all levels of their organization.


Cutting-edge technology and innovations are essential to our business to set new standards in all products and services we offer, and not only to remain competitive. We consider research, development, and technology capabilities carefully when selecting suppliers.

3. Business Stability

The financial health of our suppliers is critical. Certain financial data may be requested when a supplier is initially considered, and at various intervals in our relationship to ensure ongoing financial health. We may also request information about a supplier’s parent company, and expect to be notified promptly if a change in ownership takes place.