We approach our decisions by making sure they´re good for the brand but also good for our customers and our employees experiences.

Founded in 2015, SouthRock launched an owner +operator approach to international and domestic Food and Beverage brands in Brazil. We committed to develop a strong culture of inclusive entrepreneurship with our employees (partners) while scaling both global and local brands that are aligned with our mission and values all for consumers we love. It’s as much about passion for people as it is about our people’s passion for service. At our core, we are a culture of service. It is a pleasure to get to know our customers better every day. Our goal is to positively impact their lives in big and small ways with every product we serve. We strive to be different. We strive to be better. We strive to positively represent our communities as well as our people in everything we do..

SouthRock’s multi-brand operator, Brazil Airport Restaurants, inaugurated its first airport stores in 2017 and has grown currently to operate in Brazil’s largest and busiest airports. In 2018 SouthRock became the Master Licensee for Starbucks and TGI Fridays in Brazil. Starbucks expanded for the first time outside of Sao Paulo and Rio in 2019 and now reaches customers in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina, Distrito Federal, Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, and Minas Gerais. TGI Fridays operates in the Rio & São Paulo regions with expansion plans to enter other states in the near future.

In 2019, SouthRock Lab was founded to focus on accelerating technological advancement that elevates customer’s physical and digital experience with brands. Most recently, in May 2022, we proudly announced that SouthRock is the Master Franchisee for Subway in Brazil – one of the largest fast food restaurant brands in the world. Subway serves freshly made sandwiches, wraps, salads, and bowls to millions of consumers in nearly 40,000 stores worldwide, with over 1,600 units in Brazil, making it the largest food and beverage franchise company in the country. In these recent years, SouthRock has remained true to its mission and values as we have come together to face an unprecedented global pandemic. Today, our business is more adaptable, innovative, and our culture is stronger than ever.



SouthRock is proud to offer equal job opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, citizenship, ancestry or national origin.



Eataly anuncia SouthRock como parceiro exclusivo

Eataly anuncia SouthRock como parceiro exclusivo para operar e expandir a marca no Brasil

Subway® anuncia acordo de franquia master com SouthRock

Subway® anuncia acordo de franquia master com SouthRock para expandir sua presença no Brasil

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Após inaugurações no segundo semestre de 2021, rede avança na capital paulista com novo