Partner Experience

Our Employees are called Partners because it’s not just a job, it´s a passion. Together we support diversity to create a place where each of us can feel comfortable and develop our potential. We always treat each other with empathy, dignity, and respect.

We are proud to offer equal job opportunities regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, gender identity, citizenship, ancestry, or national origin.

It´s important to us to embrace diversity in all aspects of our company, working together, respecting each other’s differences, and using our collective abilities to grow as people and as a company. We do not tolerate any kind of bullying, harassment, or prejudice. Each of us is responsible for supporting and acting according to our values. We are aware and recognize that many of us deal with negativities and a lack of opportunities. SouthRock strives to create opportunities for all. We are committed to listening and changing ourselves, our company, and the market as we work to ensure everybody feels welcomed and included while respecting all points of view.

SouthRock has different career paths in each of our companies, but the core values of respect, diversity, and equal opportunities are the same. We are proud to have several training and development programs, competitive compensation and benefits, as well as a structured process of talent discussions, performance and development.

Our HR channels and team leaders are always open, offering a safe space to share feelings and perceptions while working shoulder to shoulder, fostering partner connections, actively listening, and providing empathy for others’ circumstances.

SouthRock was founded in 2015 with only three people, and today it employs more than 3,000 people working together to build a company that is transformative for people and communities. To learn more about each company, visit our websites.


SouthRock creates opportunities and offers educational programs through a diverse number of tools in order to allow our partners to build a career plan while growing and developing together with our company and brands.

We work constantly on identifying knowledge and skill gaps that need to be developed to create an effective action plan for short-, medium-, and long-term career growth. This is a powerful tool which assists our partners in developing a career path, setting goals that live out our shared mission and values. Our training programs are opportunities to develop capabilities and skills to both support business needs and help individuals advance their careers.

Training and Development – SouthRock University
Our training and development center, SouthRock University, offers operational and certification training for our brands, specific modules on customer experience and service, product specialization, routines, and quality standards, leadership and growth mindset techniques, and many others to develop both hard and soft skills. We are always searching for new tools and programs to help our partners acquire knowledge and develop skills to achieve their full potential.