Brazil Airport Restaurants

BAR is the Leading Food and Beverage Service Solutions Provider in Brazil`s Largest Airports.

The company started it’s operations in 2017 at Guarulhos International Airport, the largest and busiest airport in the country, bringing relevant brands and greater diversity to consumers, travelers and tourists.

In April of the same year, the first coffee sold by BAR was at a Mr. Cheney store, which later gave space to a Starbucks store.

By the end of the same year, Southrock had opened 6 food and beverage businesses managed by BAR at Guarulhos International Airport: 2 TGI Fridays, 1 Mr. Baker, 1 Gendai and 2 Starbucks. Our operations since then have not stopped growing and today we have 17 stores at Guarulhos-SP airport, and several others at the main airports in Brazil, as you can see below:

BAR Stores

GRU (Guarulhos – SP)
24 Millions passengers/year


GIG (Rio de Janeiro – RJ)
9.9 Millions passengers/year


FLN (Florianópolis – SC)
8 Millions passengers/year


BSB (Brasilia – DF)
10.3 Millions passengers/year